Taco Bell Survey – Win $500 With Taco Bell Customer Service Survey or Feedback

Want to grab a chance to win $500 cash in a jiffy? Don’t miss the exciting opportunity offered by Taco Bell. You can easily participate in the Taco Bell Survey and win a chance to claim the exciting cash prize for yourself. TelltheBell is the Taco Bell Customer service survey in which you have to answer a series of questions and provide your valuable feedback about your experience.

You have to do it at tellthebell online survey site. By evaluating your feedback, the company wants to enhance its services and want to deliver the best services to its customers globally. Taco Bell survey allows you to grab a chance to win a cash price of 500$ through Sweepstakes. This is something exciting.

About Taco Bell

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Started by Glen Bell, Taco Bell is a long food restaurant chain which was started around 50 years ago. Its root grew in America and now the company has spread its wings globally. They serve exceptional Mexican street food. Every year the company serves around 3 billion customers via its long chain of restaurants all over the globe. Most of the food restaurants are managed and operated by independent owners who buy the franchise and provide services in their region.

Requirements for Taco Bell Survey

Before participating in this amazing taco bell sweepstakes contest, there are a few primary requirements which you should know before-hand:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old
  2. A valid Taco Bell receipt that has been obtained in the current period
  3. 16-digit survey code on the Taco Bell receipt
  4. A device with internet connectivity

Note: There are 13 sub-periods in which you can take the survey. With one valid receipt or 16-digit survey code, you can participate in only one sub-period.

How to participate in the Taco Bell Survey?

Once you have equipped yourself with all the necessary things for the survey mentioned above, you are ready to take part in this amazing survey. Let us have a quick look at the steps so that you can participate in the survey and grab the chance to win the prize –

  1. Fire up your laptop, PC or mobile device.
  2. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet.
  3. Open the web browser from your device.
  4. Go to the address tellthebell.com online survey or click on the link provided here.
  5. Fill the 16-digit survey code present on your receipt which you received from the Taco Bell restaurant. If you don’t have the survey code by any chance, you need not worry. You just have to click on the link mentioned on the website for the same. Enter the name of the store you visited with the date and time of the visit to progress in the survey.
  6. Click on the Start button.
  7. You will see that your survey will start thereafter and you are required to answer the questions prompted to you and provide your honest and valuable feedback to the Taco Bell management team.
  8. There are only a few questions about your experience in the restaurant and service provides by the personnel at the store.
  9. Once you have answered all the questions prompted to you on your screen, you will get a free entry into the Sweepstakes and become eligible to win a cash prize of 500$.

taco bell survey guidelines


Taco Bell company wants to ensure that the company provides its customers with the best quality food and deliver best customer services and a comfy ambiance. In order to ensure the same, they came up with this survey. Go out and provide your valuable feedback so that the company could improvise and also win the golden chance to claim an amazing cash prize just sitting at your home.

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